4-day remote design sprint Figma template

4-day remote design sprint Figma template

At LB*, we often organize design sprints for our clients. Since the beginning of COVID-19, we were forced to organize them remotely. We've gathered the best practices from our experienced facilitators to create a ready template for your own design sprint.

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Why using Figma over Miro for a remote design sprint?

Miro is more adapted to remote collaboration with stakeholders who never used a design tool before. However, Figma is accessible for free. It is much more versatile. It acts as one source of truth with both workshop insights and prototype. If you like the template, don't forget to hit the LIKE button so the rest of the community know you recommend 👍

What is included in this template?

  • All design sprint activities
  • Post-its
  • Timer
  • Voting dots
  • Arrows for flows
  • Ice breaker
  • Introduction
  • Parking lot
  • & lots of other useful stuff.

Need help to run remote design sprint?

Get in touch with us, we offer a free consultation to discuss anything. 🤗



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