Bi-weekly inspiration by LB* #10

Bi-weekly inspiration by LB* #10

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How Disney+ onboards new users — a UX analysis

In August 2019 Walt Disney announced its own streaming service called Disney+. Look at this step-by-step walkthrough of the Disney+ onboarding experience of new users on mobile.

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My favourite Git commit

Used well, Git commit messages are one of the most powerful tools available to document a codebase over its lifetime. You have to see this one.

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10,000 original copies

Typographic history is written as a series of “originals” created by “authors” in a discrete sequence. But can “copies” be equally as important? Watch this hilarious lecture by Kris Sowersby about copying, originality and plagiarism delivered at TypeCon 2018 XX in Portland, Oregon.

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Creating Atomic Components That Will Blow Your Mind

Learn how to set yourself up for hyper-efficient changes and updates to your Figma components. You'll learn how to:

  1. Evaluate what you’ve built, listing all of the pieces and properties
  2. Audit what you need, and how you want everything to work together
  3. Construct things smartly, re-using as few elements as possible

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A product manager’s guide to saying no

As a product manager you have to say no to stakeholders, a lot. Find out how to master the art of saying no with empathy, so you can maintain positive relationships and stop all those zombie ideas from haunting you.

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